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The truth about Michael Sloan Hooks aka SLO4N 

 #FreeBrittney has become a familiar cry for all sorts of people eager to claim that they are appalled by the mental anguish pop star Britney Spears endured for years. Destroyed by tabloids, gossiped and speculated about by people excited to make money by creating and then chronicling her demise as a star, after years of silence, it is once again popular to speculate on Britney. One of the most prolific abusers of Spears, gossip monster Perez Hilton gave a half-hearted apology and tried to divert attention away from his actions which included years of mocking her mental health issues and addiction, claiming that she had a sex tape, constant slut, and body shaming, calling her unfit to be a mother, and selling tee shirts after Heath Ledger died that read “Why Couldn’t It Be Britney?”Despite the half-assed mia culpa, Hilton is still speculating on Spears and others which have earned him an estimated $20 million dollars. Of course, with that kind of cash on the table, speculating, gossiping, and often straight-up fabricating drama about celebrities is big business and many seek to follow in his footsteps. Today we are going to talk about one such predator, Michael Sloan HooksGoing by the names SLO4N, SLOAN, and SloanHo, Arlington VA vlogger Sloan Hooks is making a name for himself in the niche category of sexual abuse allegations against former child stars, children’s showrunners, and other internet influencers.  Since sex abuse claims, especially claim that are sometimes decades old, are almost impossible to defend and the most damaging to a reputation, claiming that a celebrity is a rapist, pedophile, or sexual abuser is one of the easiest ways these gossip mongers use to make money and find fame. Before we get into all that let’s do a deep dive into Sloan himself. Born in 1994 and raised in Virginia, Sloan is the youngest of three children. Sloan references this early sexual abuse at the hands of his  father Michael in some of his video clips. Sloan attended the James Madison University where he studied phycology and worked as a researcher and data analysis focused on the behavior of young patients with severe anti-social personality traits. It is there where my sources say he honed his skills in manipulation by emulating some of the most narcissistic patients. By creating child-like mannerisms, exaggerated hand-gestures, and soft cadence to his speech, Sloan comes across in his videos as an injured, otherworldly teen-aged figure who couldn’t possibly harm a soul. Of course, this is the façade, behind the doe eyes this 27-year-old predator uses the #MeToo movement, the impossible to verify stories of anonymous people, and the vulnerability of the celebrities themselves to line his pockets.But he isn’t alone, Sloan is aided by his boyfriend Mark Calvert Owen, a public relations executive at major Republican advertising firm Craft DC, who appears in some of the videos. We can talk more about Sloan’s upbringing, his political stance, and the methodology used by Hooks and Owen to target certain celebrities and brands that Owen’s company represents in our next post, but today let’s take a quick look at some of the celebrities that Sloan has attacked and accused of either being sexual abuse victims, being sexual abusers, or both. Drake Bell, Amanda Bynes, Michael Corcoran, Amanda Cosgrove, Liz Gillies, Selena Gomez, Ariana GrandeVictoria Justice, Demi Lovato, Jennette McCurdy, Dan Schneider, Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, And more. Frankly, it is disgusting. Can you imagine? If you were a sexual abuse survivor, being forced to relive your nightmare by being dragged by some fame-whore vlogger looking to capitalize on your pain? And if you weren’t abused? How do you prove that? These celebrities have all come out at various times to defend themselves or others only to be branded as liars or paid-off, or mentally ill. No proof, no arrests, no convictions, just impossible to defend, anonymous speculation. No wonder celebrities like Spears and Bynes have mental health issues. Additionally, some of what Sloan is doing is actually illegal. In a recent video, he claims that former child star Drake Bell was sexually abused as an 11-year old child by convicted pedophile Brian Peck. Records regarding child sexual abuse are sealed by the court in order to protect the victim’s identity. Not only does Sloan release that protected information to the public (a felony) he goes on to claim that the reason that Bell doesn’t talk about it is that he too is a sexual abuser. Further, he claims that Bell’s attempt to keep his new marriage private is because his wife is probably being abused too. Isn’t a much more logical reason, he doesn’t want his wife to be attacked online by predators like Sloan?       So why don’t celebrities fight back? Some do, but fighting online defamation is difficult, public, and very expensive (sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars), and the online predators are often judgment-proof.Essentially, because people like Sloan don’t have deep enough pockets to pay out an award, even though they can make thousands each month online through click-bait, financial appeals and go-fund-me, and merchandise sales, they don’t have the kind of money that would make a lawsuit worthwhile. These predators count on that fact and often negotiate with celebrities to take down videos for a price. Of course, when celebrities refuse to pay, the predators make more videos with ever-increasingly defamatory and damaging content. It’s pretty clear from Sloan’s catalog of videos who have probably paid and who refuses to be blackmailed.In our next post, we will look at some of the individuals Sloan has targeted and why they are being targeted. We will talk about the very powerful company allegedly financing Sloan’s hit pieces in order to force celebrities to accept much less money during contract negotiations, and how he steals the “safe spaces” of victims on other social media platforms in order to make his videos. It’s time to expose the predators and stop lining their pockets at the expense of artists like Britney. 




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